Save Water Save Money

Save Water Save Money

Save Water and Save Money by installing a new Water Neutral Pool (WNP) from Summertime Pools.

Owning a WNP will not only save water, it will minimise costs through reduced chemical, energy and water use.

A Water Neutral Pool must, at a minimum, have the following features:

  • Water tank, to collect rainfall to top-up the pool as needed
  • Pool cover, to conserve 90% of water lost through evaporation
  • Backwash minimisation system, to prevent excessive backwashing (e.g. cartridge filter, oversized sand filter, centrifugal / pre-filter device, backwash recycle system, etc.)

A Summertime Pools Water Conservation Kit provides the key elements needed for WNP certification and for this month, when you get a quote for any new Summertime Pool, you will save 30%.  Thats 30% off the package* which includes;

  • Tankworld Rainwater Tank
  • Up-Tech40PC Pump to pump rainwater to your pool or garden
  • Supreme Heating 400 micron Pool Cover with Roller
  • Waterco Multicyclone Pre Filter

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For more information about the benefits of owning a Water Neutral Pool, see here.


*This offer is available to new swimming pool quotes, and provides 30% off a Water Conservation Kit which includes a Tankworld 3300Litre water tank for pools 6m, 7m,and 8m long, a 5000 litre tank for pools 9m and above, an Up-Tech40pc pump to pump water from the tank to the pool or garden, a Supreme Heating 400 micron Pool Cover and Roller, and a Waterco Multicycle Pre Filter. This offer may not be available at all agents.