Winter Special

Winter Special

Winter is a great time to buy and install your new pool.  And Summertime Pools are making it even better with a Winter Special Sale.  Order now and lock in your Winter Sale Price for a FREE Pool Pump, a FREE Filter and a FREE Salt Water Chlorinator*.

So buy now and save thousands.

The Free pump, filter and Salt Chlorinator are from the Summertime 3 star kit.  This includes the Austral 230 or Austral CTX 280 pump, Austral ZX100 or Austral ZX150 Cartridge Filter or Austral ECO650 Sand Filter, and Astral E25 Salt Water Chlorinator.  The pump and cartridge filter model is based on the pool size.  Summertime Pools or its agents will carry out permit sourcing and installation within 4 weeks of permit approval.

*This Offer is available on any pool purchase and installation ordered before 31st August 2017.   This offer may not be available at all Summertime Pool agents.


Get a free quote here or call 1300 654 324 and see how much you can save.