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Inground Swimming Pools

With over 30 years of experience, Summertime Pools is the leading Victorian-based manufacturer and installer of fibreglass inground swimming pools in Melbourne and across regional Victoria. When you work with us, you can feel confident that your new leisure swimming pool will not only offer enjoyment for the entire family and add value to your home, but supports high-quality manufacturing and trade jobs in your local area. 

Our attention to detail allows us to maintain the strictest quality control over every pool we create, ensuring you receive a fun-filled home swimming pool. Our unique local experience shines through in the design and creation of our pools. Made to withstand the harshest environments, a backyard inground swimming pool is the perfect balance of beauty and durability. This combination of strength and style means your home swimming pool will stay looking sensational for many years longer than a vinyl pool.

Your pool, your choices

With a variety of inground swimming pool styles available in 10 colours, we have various design combinations for you to choose from. You can then add pool covers, heating systems, matching inground spas and a choice of salt, mineral, or freshwater systems.

Compact pools, mid-sized oasis, or family play zones

Summertime Pools’ most compact fibreglass home swimming pool is the Hudson — and at a compact four metres long, you can find room to enjoy this model in almost any garden. At the other end of our range, there is the Corbree. Available in a six, seven, eight, or ten-metre model, the Corbree has a spacious central area ideal for the avid swimmer who enjoys laps or the family looking for backyard fun. In addition to the main rectangular area of the Corbree, there is a built-in side-step (or swim out) and seating area where younger kids can sit out on the action and relax while still enjoying the pool. Between the compact Hudson and the vast and versatile Corbree, we have multiple options like the long and slender Taigen, the flat bottomed Hydro, and our exclusive poolside spa, the SPAACE.

Our quality guarantees

We are so sure that our staff and products are the best in class that we back our home swimming pools and installation with an industry-leading structural warranty. You’ll also benefit from a 30-year watertight warranty covering the fibreglass shell to ensure you can select the best swimming pool in Melbourne. Consequently, you can be confident that you and your family have a lifetime of enjoyment ahead of you with one of our models. If you’re looking for a fibreglass inground swimming pool but unsure what model will suit, try our augmented reality tool, “Pool Placer” and see for yourself how each of our pools might look in your backyard. Go to the link, select a pool, use your phone’s camera in your backyard, and see what you could be enjoying. Alternatively, check out these frequently asked questions and answers.

Pool Range


Generally speaking, most inground fibreglass pools cost between $40,000 – $90,000. The final quote will depend on a number of factors, including how large your pool is and whether you are looking to add extra features. Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss your options.

Fibreglass pools are made with resins and gelcoats applied to large moulds. Once cured, they’re removed from the mould, trimmed to shape and quality inspected and tested prior to installation.

As opposed to traditional pools which can take months, fibreglass pools can be completed within a matter of weeks.

Yes, fibreglass pools do not crack in cold weather and can be heated to your ideal swimming temperature, making them ideal pool for colder climates

Summertime Pools come in 17 different shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your backyard.

Summertime Pools are available from 4m up to 11m in length.

Fibreglass pools are made from precast moulds, so while you cannot customise the shape, you are able to customise other elements such as your pools colour

Fibreglass pools are long-lasting investments that are built to last 50+ years. At Summertime Pools we provide a market leading 100 Year Structural Warranty on all our pools

While all pools fade over time, the colour fade you can expect from a fibreglass pool’s gelcoat surface is gradual and even. Regardless, a fibreglass gelcoat surface is the most durable pool coating available.

All Summertime Pools are manufactured in line with ISO Quality Assurance standards and are made to the highest quality, right here in Australia. Summertime Pools provide a 30 Year Structural Warranty on our locally made range giving you complete peace of mind

Are fibreglass pools easier to maintain than vinyl liner or concrete pools?

How much site access do you need to install a pool?

Yes, fibreglass pools are the most suited pool type for small backyards

How often should a pool be cleaned?

It is recommended that you run one circulation of your filtration system once per day.

It is recommended that you vacuum your pool once every three days

Yes; all swimming pools require local building regulator approval prior to installation.

Yes. Summertime Pools fibreglass swimming pools are compatible with salt water systems more so than traditional concrete pools.

Not only can you enjoy social and leisure time in the pool with friends and family, but swimming is a great aerobic exercise for building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

Yes, fibreglass pool shells can be installed into sloped landscapes as long as there has been accurate preparation, planning and professional installation.

Summertime Pools offers a range of 14 designer colour finishes for your pool. The final look of your colour choice will depend on the completed pool installation and environmental factors, so some variation may occur.

Summertime Pools offers a range of heating solutions for your pool, from solar heating to electric heat pumps.

Your pool should never need to be emptied unless in the instance that major repairs are required. Topping up your water level can be done with a standard garden hose.

All Summertime Pools are manufactured in Victoria, Australia. We are proudly Australian made and Australian owned.