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Can’t quite decide on size or style? Need to see your pool in situ? Our augmented reality tool makes decision making a breeze. Simply open the link, choose your pool then plot your favourite Summertime pool perfectly in place via your phone’s camera.


The never-ending Summertime

Quintessentially Australian, Summertime Pools are 100% Australian made and manufactured. Our high-quality range of fibreglass pools are designed to exponentially enhance your lifestyle at home.

Our customer focused process takes all the hassle and worry out of buying a pool. With a dedicated team here to help you manage the entire process, from end-to-end, you’ll be splashing about in your own backyard in no time.

Live the summertime dream all year round with Summertime Pools.

Australian Made & Owned

30 Years In Business

30 Year Structural Warranty

Award Winning Pool Designs

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The newest model from Summertime Pools is here, combining the best features of our most popular styles to create the perfect family-sized pool for both fun and relaxation.

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Our commitment to your happiness

At Summertime Pools, our commitment is to help and guide you every step of the way.

Our simple, 4-step process ensures that your stay informed and in control through the entire pool buying journey.
Our process includes:

Pool Selection & Contract

Pool Manufacture & Delivery

Pool Installation & Set Up

Pool Education & Handover

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Install a fibreglass swimming pool and enjoy year-round fun with Summertime Pools. Our incredible range of high-quality pools are 100% Australian-made, and our team of highly trained experts can help you choose the perfect pool to create the backyard of your dreams.

As a Victorian-based manufacturer and installer, our in-depth local knowledge makes us uniquely positioned to design, build and install a swimming pool that meets your family’s specific needs. Not only do we understand that a fibreglass pool in Melbourne and Regional Victoria may have to cope with four seasons in one day, but we also know that your family’s safety and security are paramount. For that reason, each of our pools comes with an integrated safety ledge roughly halfway down the side of the pool. This ledge is ideal for little ones who need a quick pit stop and for those who might need extra help stepping up and out of the pool.

Industry-leading warranty

Our industry-leading 30-year warranty guarantees your fibreglass swimming pool shell will be watertight for at least three decades. When you’re planning to invest in a fibreglass pool for your home, Summertime Pools will give you a long-lasting pool you can rely on. We are members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) that ensures the highest standards of skills, ethics, and honesty are maintained — so you can be confident Summertime Pools is the best builder and installer in the business.

Reflection, relaxation, recreation

Whether you need a compact spot to lay back and relax, a family-size pool for creating childhood memories, or a substantial multipurpose space for swimming laps and summer afternoon soirees, you can find everything you want and more at Summertime Pools.

Style, size, shade

Your choices don’t end when you select your pool style. Most of our inground fibreglass pools come in two or more sizes, and all styles and sizes are available in any of our 10 colour options. One of the many benefits of a fibreglass pool is that you can choose between salt water, mineral water, or fresh water for your pool. Not only do we have a range of styles, sizes and colours, but there’s even the option to include our SPAACE spa alongside your main pool.


With space for six adults on the integrated seating, the SPAACE spa has powerful water jets for relaxing massage and a host of hydrotherapy benefits, such as soothing aching joints and improving circulation.

Year-round enjoyment

Once your pool warms up in summer, the fibreglass construction retains heat for longer than its concrete or vinyl cousins. Consequently, even in the changeable weather, you can enjoy fibreglass swimming pools in Melbourne or regional Victoria later into the evening or when the sun takes an unexpected trip behind the clouds. Add an optional pool cover to trap heat and keep leaves and debris out, or a heating systemto extend the use of your pool to up to 7 months of the year.

Low to zero energy costs

Heating your fibreglass pool doesn’t have to be expensive when you opt for an integrated Zero Emissions Pool (ZEP) system — the only zero-emissions swimming pool heating system on the market. Summertime Pools has joined forces with one of Australia’s leading solar energy companies to develop their integrated Zero Emissions Pool system. A ZEP system will match the most suitable solar and energy-efficient system to your specific fibreglass pool. The system will then provide pool heating for seven months of the year, and cleaning and filtering for the other five without any extra energy costs.

Our pain-free process

With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to pick only one. Our one-of-a-kind pool enjoyment process will walk you through choosing your pool in as little or for as long as you need to be comfortable with your choice.

  • Step 1: The planning stage

    First, we’ll arrange a convenient time for an at-home consultation. Here you show us your backyard and tell us precisely what you want from your pool. Then we can present the many options most likely to meet your needs and talk through the pros and cons of each.

  • Once you’re comfortable with a fibreglass swimming pool style, you can choose your shell colour, the type of water you want to be swimming in such as salt, mineral or fresh, and any accessories. Then we’ll work with you to create a timeframe for manufacturing and installing your pool while minimising disruption to you and your family. Our installation service even includes applying for and ensuring all building permits are in place.

  • Step 2: Building your fibreglass pool

    Next, you get to relax while we create your pool.

    We build your fibreglass pool in our state-of-the-art facility, which gives us complete control over the construction materials and process. Summertime Pools uses only the highest quality fibreglass and components, creating an end product superior to anything else on the market.

    Then, once complete, we put your custom pool through our rigorous quality and testing processes.

  • Step 3: Installing and setting up your fibreglass pool

    When the time comes for installation our team will prepare your backyard and excavate ready for delivery and placement of the main attraction, the pool shell! Once the pool shell is in place, our team will backfill the hole, fill your new fibreglass swimming pool with water, and connect the pool equipment. A concrete bond beam will then be installed around the top edge of the pool. Once this has been completed, the site will be cleaned ready for you to complete your project with coping tiles and installation of a permanent barrier.

  • Step 4: From maker to owner — the pool handover process

    Finally, the professionals at Summertime Pools will come and vacuum and clean your pool, set up your control system, and answer all your questions. Only then will we leave you to enjoy your investment — with the benefit of ongoing telephone support should you need it.

Invest in fun for the whole family

Our no-pressure team is available to answer any of your questions, and there’s no commitment to book an in-home consultation. Instead, we can provide all the information you need about your inground fibreglass swimming pool options, finances, timeframes, and more. Simply fill in the form or give us a call. We’re ready to help.

Summertime Pools boasts an incredible range of fibreglass pools suitable for backyards of every size and shape. Our pools are designed and manufactured in Australia, allowing us to maintain the tightest quality controls, meeting and exceeding all local, state, and national standards in our pool’s design, manufacture, and installation.

With over three decades in business, we understand a fibreglass swimming pool is a significant investment for your family. That’s why we have a team who can visit your home, lay out your options, and offer expert advice. Our experienced staff will walk you through the entire pool purchase process to ensure you select a design that fits your backyard and prepares you for the excitement of your very own fibreglass pool in Melbourne or regional Victoria.

Don’t miss out on the joy of a backyard pool; call us or fill in the form today for a fun-filled tomorrow.



“We are so excited to own a Summertime Pool !! Thanks for all of your help, including the great price received to enable us to get a pool, appreciated! Wouldn’t have known we were having a pool installed if we didn’t see it through our back door. Staff at Summertime should be commended, as there were no disruptions to our daily life during installation, thanks…

Brad & Christine – Bendigo, VIC



“We would like to thank you for the most efficient and organised way in which you have installed our pool from start to finish. We are delighted with the result and most impressed by the way the whole project has ‘just happened’ from our side of things with minimal fuss and maximum care. Congratulations to the whole team, really. You are great!! Thank you again.…

Janice and Clive – Bendigo, VIC



“We found Summertime Pools provided a great value pool package. Their service was excellent and they were flexible and helpful when problems arose due to a difficult site. The pool is going perfectly and we would be happy to recommend Summertime Pools…




“From our initial inquiry, to options selection, installation and 9 months after, we cannot fault the Summertime pools team. The installation team were first class. Our sales consultant Andrew was and still is only a phone call away for any questions. We cannot speak highly enough of Summertime pools and have no hesitation in recommending them …

Gavin and Lisa



“Our experience working with Summertime Pools has been terrific. Pretty much everything has run smoothly from the first time we made contact. Our backyard wasn’t the easiest to manage because of the fall we have but from the first time Area Manager Andrew came out everything has rolled along nicely. The excavator, pool installation guys and …

Chris, Marita, Elly, Wil & Maisy



“We just can’t thank you enough for our beautiful Summertime Pool, we couldn’t be happier with the professional service and advice not only you but the guys installing the pool gave, we couldn’t believe how quickly the pool was installed, every thing went like clock work considering the difficult area they had to work in. This was a pool that we thought would be …

Kevin and Sue


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