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Swimming Pool Heating System


Enjoy your pool in any weather

At Summertime Pools, we want to ensure that you can enjoy your investment in the pool, no matter what the temperature is outside. With numerous options to choose from, our team can assist you in selection the right pool heating system for your pool, climate and location.

Electric Heat Pump

Powered (or electric) pool heating is achieved utilising a heat pump. Heat pumps are a reliable and consistent way of heating your pool and can be integrated or automated with the other electrical systems in your home.

Heat pumps run extremely efficiently, generating approximately five times the energy that they use. They heat your pool by utilising the heat from the air and converting it heat energy, cycling the pool’s water as they run.

When employing a powered pool heating system, it is essential to currently match the size and output of the pool heat pump to the size and volume of the pool, as well as your desired use if the pool. Our expert team are here to guide you through the pool heating selection process.


Electric Heat Pump Summertime Pools

Solar Pool Heating Summertime Pools

Solar Pool Heating

The traditional way to heat your pool is with a solar power pool heating system from Summertime Pools. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar power pool heaters are environmentally friendly, low maintenance and easy to use.

Operating a solar pool heating system is simple. Water from your pool is pumped through collector tubes or panels on your roof, naturally heating the water using the sun. After heating, the water is then pumped back into your pool raising the temperature to your desired swimming heat.

With many options available, our team of expert pool consultants are here to help you design a solar power pool heating system that compliments your chosen pool and delivers you a cost-free heating, now and into the future.


Equipment Packs

Unsure what the right heating solution is for your pool? We’ve brought it all together in one easy, cost effective and simple to install system. ZEP brings together all the very best and most energy efficient technology.

Simply start by choosing the type or water you would like in your new pool.
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Salt Water Pool System Summertime Pools

Mineral Water Pool System Summertime Pools

Fresh Water Pool System Summertime Pools

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