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At Summertime Pools, we believe in designing a swimming pool experience that delivers relaxation, performance, fun and a laid-back lifestyle curated just the way you want it.

If you’re looking for some fibreglass pool accessories or wish to undertake a complete pool renovation, Summertime Pools is one of the leading swimming pool equipment suppliers and installers in Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria. From fibreglass pool equipment and accessories to regular swimming pool fittings, we have everything you need to keep your swimming pool fun, relaxing and safe for many years.

Pool Cleaners

Depending on the size of your pool, fibreglass pool accessories like robotic pool vacuums are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent algae growth and keep the water crystal clear. Programmable robotic pool cleaners seamlessly clean the surface of your pool, navigating all corners and stairs with ease whilst sucking up insects, grass, leaves or dirt in the water. Another great cleaning system is In-floor cleaning. In-floor cleaning systems are built directly into the pool’s structure, which means the system needs to be installed at the construction stage. They work by circulating the water through the pool, collecting waste as they run. With these amazing features, you don’t need any other additional cleaners or put up with cumbersome hoses and cords. Some of the main benefits of having in-floor cleaning system includes:

  • They are virtually invisible.
  • They completely automated.
  • They handles high level of debris.
  • They are designed for maximum efficiency.
  • The offer better heat and chemical circulation.
  • They increase water circulation throughout the pool resulting in less algae growth.

Alongside your other pool accessories, pool cleaners bear the heavy lifting of pool maintenance, allowing you to enjoy tons of splashing fun with little to no manual labour.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are a must-have swimming pool accessory that pays dividends in the long run. When your pool is left exposed to the elements, pool water naturally evaporates and contamination occurs. Solar pool covers are the ideal way to keep away debris and protect the water’s cleanliness when not in use.

Pool Filters

When it comes to swimming pool cleaning equipment, pool filters should be at the very top of your list. From maintaining proper chemical balance to removing algae and microbes before they can take hold, pool filters ensure the pool remains dirt- and debris-free for all swimmers to enjoy.

Pool Lighting

Whether it’s to set the right mood or light the waters sufficiently for some nighttime swimming, pool lights are one part of your swimming pool safety equipment that you can’t just do without. We offer a wide range of long-lasting LED lighting solutions in a wide range of colours. Installing lighting can also be considered as a pool upgrade since they provide ambience to the backyard and highlight the pool as a statement piece.

Pool Pumps

The right swimming pool pump ensures your filter runs at maximum power and water is circulating correctly. Optimal water filtration and circulation maintain the chemical balance of your pool and prevent algae from developing. The ideal swimming pool pump should also be quiet and energy-efficient. Our team of pool experts are here to help guide you through the pool pump options to complement your new pool. Contact us today if you have any questions about our range of swimming pool accessories.


Yes, it can. Summertime Pools can undertake any swimming pool renovation job and provide you with a pool designed to suit your needs.

You can improve your pool area by adding new swimming pool accessories, expanding your pool’s capabilities with a heating system, or completely redoing your pool’s design with Summertime Pools.

You can definitely increase your pool’s size or depth. And if you don’t have a pool installed yet, get your own fibreglass pool installed in Melbourne, Geelong, Echuca and regional Victoria with the expert help of Summertime Pools.

We believe in prioritising fun and swimming enjoyment before worrying about payment and costs. That’s why we have partnered with Handypay so that you can access a simple, affordable payment plan for your swimming pool-related needs. With weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options ranging from 1 to 7 years, you can enjoy your swimming pool upgrade now and pay later. If you have any questions about the cost of swimming pool installation or would like to receive a quotation for your swimming pool needs from one of our experts, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to find an answer that works for you.

pool heater can extend your pool season in Ballarat, which can sometimes only last for a few months. At Summertime Pools, we offer a range of energy-efficient heat pumps as well as solar heating options, so you can choose what is best for you.

The kind of swimming pool accessories and upgrades you should get will depend on the look and layout of your pool and the needs of those who’ll be swimming in it.  That being said, here are some fibreglass pool equipment and accessories that every pool owner would benefit from:

  • Pool covers — Over time, dirt and debris can build up in a pool exposed to the elements. This, in turn, leads to spending more money on swimming pool supplies to clean it. By investing in a pool cover instead, you can ensure the pool is protected from contamination and stays clean for longer.
  • Pool lights — Pool lights can illuminate the pool at night, making it safe for nighttime swims and adding an ambient glow to the pool’s surroundings.
  • Swimming pool cleaning equipment — Avoid the hassle of dealing with algae or grime by investing in equipment that keeps your pool clean. Things like filters, pumps and quality robotic vacuums can go a long way in terms of maintenance and ensure the pool remains a clean and safe place to swim.

Here are some helpful tips to make your pool more interesting:

  1. Add water features like fountains, geysers and bubblers.
  2. Invest in some pool lights for a relaxing ambience.
  3. Play background music.
  4. Add decorations like plants, gravel or statues.
  5. Undertake a complete pool renovation with Summertime Pools.


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“We would like to thank you for the most efficient and organised way in which you have installed our pool from start to finish. We are delighted with the result and most impressed by the way the whole project has ‘just happened’ from our side of things with minimal fuss and maximum care. Congratulations to the whole team, really. You are great!! Thank you again.…

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“We found Summertime Pools provided a great value pool package. Their service was excellent and they were flexible and helpful when problems arose due to a difficult site. The pool is going perfectly and we would be happy to recommend Summertime Pools…




“From our initial inquiry, to options selection, installation and 9 months after, we cannot fault the Summertime pools team. The installation team were first class. Our sales consultant Andrew was and still is only a phone call away for any questions. We cannot speak highly enough of Summertime pools and have no hesitation in recommending them …

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“Our experience working with Summertime Pools has been terrific. Pretty much everything has run smoothly from the first time we made contact. Our backyard wasn’t the easiest to manage because of the fall we have but from the first time Area Manager Andrew came out everything has rolled along nicely. The excavator, pool installation guys and …

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“We just can’t thank you enough for our beautiful Summertime Pool, we couldn’t be happier with the professional service and advice not only you but the guys installing the pool gave, we couldn’t believe how quickly the pool was installed, every thing went like clock work considering the difficult area they had to work in. This was a pool that we thought would be …

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