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At Summertime Pools we believe in designing a swimming pool experience that delivers on relaxation, performance, fun and a lifestyle curated to just the way you want it.

As a part of the pool selection process we pull together swimming pool upgrades accessories and equipment that makes your life easy and enjoyable, now and into the future.

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Pool Cleaners

Pool maintenance is an essential part of pool ownership, but it can be time consuming. Robotic pool cleaners or infloor cleaners are the stress-free way to ensure your pool remains clean and spectacular, all year round.

Programmable robotic pool cleaners seamlessly clean the surface or your pool, navigating all corners and stairs with ease whilst sucking up insects, grass, leaves or dirt in the water.

Infloor pool cleaners suit a specific type of pool and can handle high levels of debris. They work by circulating the water through the pool, collecting waste as they run.

With a wide range of swimming pool upgrades options to choose from, cleaning your pool has never been easier with a pool cleaner from Summertime Pools.


Pool Covers

When your pool is left exposed to the elements, pool water naturally evaporates, and contamination occurs. Solar pool covers are the ideal way to protect and maintain your pool when it’s not in use.

Solar pool covers are designed to save you thousands of dollars every year in refilling, cleaning chemicals and heating costs.

Solar pool covers eliminate evaporation, reduce chlorine and chemical loss, minimise duct and leaf contamination – all whilst keeping your pool warm.

In addition to protecting your pool and water from the natural environment, solar pool covers collect UV rays from the sun, gradually heating your pool and increasing heat retention.


Pool Covers-Summertime Fibreglass Pool upgrades product

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Pool Filters

Pool filtration is an essential part of maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water and the longevity of your pool equipment. Pool filters are designed to remove all the debris from your pool so that algae and other bacteria cannot build up over time.

Your pool filtration system should be carefully matched to your pool and selected based on a number of different factors, including the type of pool system and other equipment upgrades you are employing, your local environment and your anticipated pool usage.

Our team of pool experts are here to guide you through your pool filter options


Pool Lighting

A pool in your backyard is a statement piece. Not only is it functional for fitness and fun, it will also drastically enhance the ambience of your space, the value of your property and the lifestyle you create.

To ensure that you maximise this opportunity, selecting lighting options for your pool that enhance the experience for every user is essential.

At Summertime Pools we offer a wide range of long-lasting LED lighting solutions, in a wide range of colour solutions, that are seamlessly integrated through the manufacturing process.

Our friendly staff are here to help you create an entertaining experience with your pool at home.


Pool Lighting-Summertime Fibreglass Pool upgrades product

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Pool Pumps

Energy efficient pool pumps are designed to ensure that your pool operates at peak capacity and efficiency over its lifetime, whilst running quietly in the background.With a wide range of options available, it is important to match the right pool pump to your needs. This includes considering; the water volume of your pool, the filtration system and other equipment employed in your pool, the ideal flow rate for the functions of your pool, your ideal energy efficiency rating and your anticipated usage.

Our team of pool experts are here to help guide you through the pool pump options to compliment your new pool

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