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What are the Mental Health Benefits of a Heated Swimming Pool?

While we all know that heated pools can provide us with a number of great ways to work out and keep physically fit, there are a lot of mental health benefits that we can enjoy from them as well.If you have a heated pool at home, you can reap a lot of these benefits and enjoy a boost in mental health beyond just taking a dip and relaxing. Read on as we discuss the mental health benefits heated swimming pools can provide. When it comes to managing stress and anxiety some people like to meditate, some like to run, and others like to swim. Swimming on a regular basis can have a hugely positive impact on your body and mental health, even if you don’t realise it right away – the therapeutic effects of water therapy on your body can help greatly with decreasing anxiety. Of course, it’s important to note that this is moreso the case for heated water rather than cold water, which will instead likely make your muscles contract (and feel a lot more uncomfortable!).

How Swimming In Hot Water is Good For You and Your Mental Health

Improves Concentration and Focus 

Swimming has a calming effect on the body, as the analgesic effect being in the water has on your muscles allows you to relax. This becomes particularly useful when swimming in a heated pool in winter. For beginners swimming obviously requires a lot of focus, but once you can manage yourself in the water you’ll find it can be a way to zen out quite easily. You can then use this as an opportunity to meditate, or zero in on some reflective thinking time. Water truly has a unique ability to help calm our brains – it’s no wonder we come up with our best ideas in the shower!The act of swimming itself requires a lot of breath control, which can also help you to improve your ability to manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Releases Endorphins

We know endorphins are released in our bodies when we exercise, helping to combat stress and pain, and exercise in the water is no different. Get yourself feeling energised and rejuvenated with a good swim.

Reduces Screen Time 

We all know how much of our daily activity revolves around staring at screens, and studies have actually found that those who rely on screens for entertainment have more emotional and perpetual stress. In children, longer screen time is being shown to affect response time and delaying speech as well. When you decide to spend more time in the pool and away from the phone, laptop or iPad, you limit your screen time and pull yourself mentally back into the moment.

Helps ease ADHD symptoms

Those who live with ADHD often struggle with feeling overly energetic or restless. One of the mental health benefits of swimming is it helps kids and adults alike with focus and impulsivity issues. Swimming helps us to release excess energy, and the brain also releases a range of helpful neurotransmitters in the process.Dopamine is one such neurotransmitter that is often associated with attention and focus. Intensive swimming helps the brain release dopamine and is one of the simplest ways to aid in assisting attention span development.

Improves Sleep Cycle

Insomnia or irregular sleep cycles can take a heavy toll on your mental health. If you have been juggling tasks all day, you might find it hard to compartmentalise and put aside the stresses of the day when it’s time to go to sleep. A lack of sleep can make you irritable, and trivial matters can begin to make you short-tempered as a result – cooler temperatures in the wintertime make this all the more difficult. Swimming in a heated pool in winter can aid in helping you to feel relaxed after a long day, easing you into a calmer state of mind and helping your body feel ready for bed.For many who have pools or are considering installing them, the cost of heating will become a significant factor in the decision-making process. Is pool heating expensive? Is it worth it? These will all depend on your scenario and variables like the average temperature and sunlight where you live, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that having a heated pool brings with it not only increased comfort, but a variety of mental health and healing properties that you can benefit from.

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