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How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Take To Install?

Many families or homeowners thinking of installing a pool may be put off by the idea that the process will be lengthy, disruptive, and generally too inconvenient to pursue. That may have been the case with traditional concrete pools, sometimes taking up to four months to install from start to finish, but fibreglass pools have totally changed the game. In this guide, we’ll go over the different factors that can impact the journey of installing a fibreglass pool, and definitively address the question, “How long do fibreglass pools take to install?” The short answer: for a fibreglass pool, you could be looking at as little as 1-2 weeks between starting the install process and actually swimming in it. However, there are quite a number of varying factors that may impact this duration, either lengthening or shortening it depending on your circumstances.

The weather and time of year

When in the year you choose to install your pool, will impact not only when it will be ready by (just in time for summer, anyone?), but also how quickly and easy it will be to organise and install. Pool companies are normally inundated with requests in the leadup to summer, so if you’re looking to expedite the process and possibly even save a buck, try to arrange an installation right after summer. Avoiding their peak season means that not only will it be easier for you to secure a booking with the company, but they may even offer extra incentives during this time like discounts or free add-ons. That all being said, installing a pool in winter or rainier seasons can pose its own set of problems; heavy rain has the potential to delay installs by up to two weeks, particularly if it rains continuously or if the water doesn’t drain quickly from your backyard.

The condition of your backyard

This leads us to the next factor, which is the state of the install site and how prepped and accessible it is for the pool installation. For backyards that have hills or slopes, or a significant amount of rocks or loose soil, you will need to sacrifice some time towards getting the area landscaped. Speedier install processes normally occur when the site is on a flat block that is easy to access with compact soil.

Local council approval

Red tape exists everywhere, and that applies when it comes to pool installations as well. Luckily, the process for obtaining local council approval for your pool is pretty straightforward and has become quicker and easier to navigate over the years. The process involves applying for pool registration with your local council, and once it has been accepted, a pool inspector needs to come by to assess the safety standards of your pool to issue you a compliance certificate. If your council is backed up with requests, this may lengthen the time between finalising your pool installation and actually being able to use the pool itself.

Other factors

At the end of the day, there will always be extraneous factors you can’t control – the availability of different contractors, whether your pool shell is already manufactured, and the type of fibreglass pool itself can all impact the final timeframe required for installing a fibreglass pool.

Is it worth it?

You bet – fibreglass pools can last a lifetime depending on the quality. Fibreglass pool shells are manufactured to be both durable and flexible, meaning that any damage caused by disruptions like ground shifting (or other events that could impact your pool structure) are significantly minimised.

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