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How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Colour For You!

Fibreglass pools come in an incredible array of sizesshapes, and configurations. And then there are optional features like steps, benches and even spas. In fact, you may have so much fun pondering your design decisions that you initially overlook another critical aspect of your new fibreglass pool: the COLOUR!

Part of the fun of getting a new pool lies within the customization aspects. The colour of your pool is a reflection of your personality and also helps to harmonize the elements of your backyard. We’ll walk you through the various factors involved in helping you to narrow down your choice of pool colours and what to consider when making your decision. Let’s dive in!

Picking Your Fibreglass Swimming Pool Colour

When choosing a colour for your pool, you’ll want to consider the hue that best fits your design scheme and personal preferences. Ideally, it should play off all of the elements of your pool and its surroundings, including the colour of your paving or decking and any landscaping features. Ultimately, the colour you choose for your pool is a reflection of your personality and design sensibility.

What Is The Most Popular Pool Colour?

From cool blues to warm sand tones, pearlescent to prismatic, there’s a different pool colour and style for every home. While most customers opt for a sparkling shade of blue, there’s almost no limit to what you can achieve with fibreglass pools!

Common Considerations While Picking Pool Colour

With so many fibreglass swimming pool colours available, it can be tough to choose. Your choice will depend on what you find most appealing. Some homeowners love bright colours that emulate the look of a crystal blue Caribbean sea, while others prefer more subdued hues that incorporate crystalline flecks that dance under sunlight.

What Colour Pool is Easiest To Clean?

Regardless of the pool colour you choose, routine pool cleaning and maintenance must be observed to keep your pool free from algae bloom and calcium deposits. Darker colours can often better hide pool debris. However, the downside is that it can make cleaning your pool more difficult.

So long as you intend to commit to regular upkeep of your pool, there is no singular choice of colour that makes cleaning your pool easier. That said, if you love pearlescent white Island sands that reflect light or deeper shades of brilliant Cobalt blue, either can be fantastic options and one is just as easy to clean as the other.