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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Designs & Shapes


What’s your Summertime going to look like?

The lifestyle that your backyard delivers is entirely up to you! At Summertime Pools we have curated a range of swimming pools to suit every need and space. From tight alfresco solutions to impact statement pool, our range has been carefully crafted to meet every need in the market.

Choose from our 10 distinct styles of pool designs.

Uplift your home with swimming pool designs that bring out the fun

Whether you’re building your dream house or renovating and want to give your family or friends a backyard hero to bring them together for years to come, explore our range of swimming pool designs and give them something to smile about in summer. Making a solid investment in your home’s value and your enjoyment of it, we’ve fine-tuned the best fibreglass swimming pool designs and installation to match your needs and wants and provide you with year-round splish, splosh, splashing fun! With our experience, expertise and swimming pool designs in Melbourne, it’s time to revel in the sun and cooling waters in your own private little retreat. Turning your house into a home, our range of designs, shapes and sizes offers you a competitively priced, premium pool you can enjoy.

Fibreglass pool designs made for your home

Summertime Pools offer one of Victoria’s largest ranges of fibreglass pool shapes that will seamlessly match and blend with your home. From modern styles with slick lines to others with soft contours to mimic the organic forms of nature, the power and choice is yours to landscape your home to how you have always envisioned it. Whether your plot is on the smaller side or features an irregular shape, we have a design that will answer your needs without compromising or monopolising your greenery and entertaining space. Constructed in a range of sizes/, from 4m for narrow spaces and plunge pools to oversized 10m options ideal for practising your butterfly, we have a swimming pool shape to match your home — whether it’s a townhouse, villa or detached house. At Summertime Pools, you’re not choosing from a stock-standard range; each of our designs can be customised to cater to your requirements. With 10 colours and textures to choose from, you can create a swimming pool design that exudes a resort feel. All our swimming pool designs feature an integrated ledge that creates a secure foothold for little feet to rest on. With a tactile place to rest, your children and less confident swimmers can become more acquainted with the deep end as they develop their skills. Many of our designs feature built-in benches that create the perfect platform to lounge under the Aussie sun and soak in comfort.

Choose Summertime Pools for the ultimate inground pool design today

With over 30 years in the industry, there is no one better suited or experienced than Summertime Pools to design and install your private oasis. From Melbourne and Geelong to regional Victoria, our ability to give you the perfect aesthetic, installation and design cannot be surpassed. Looking for more luxurious comfort during the cooler seasons? We can also supply you with heating and a suite of accessories to ensure you can get more use and enjoyment from your pool throughout the year. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our expert team today, who will help you get sunny weather ready in no time.


Rectangular fibreglass swimming pool designs are perfectly balanced to suit your needs, budget and home. Its classical shape will easily integrate into your land plot without monopolising space, leaving room for paving, decking, seating and fencing. Additionally, their longer build will future-proof your in-ground pool design by adapting to your needs — with benches and shallow play areas for kids. Moreover, their regular shape makes them easier to clean and maintain, so you can spend less time on cleaning and enjoy more time in the water.

The perfect swimming pool designs are different for everyone. Taking the time to balance all the factors is essential to make a harmonious long-term investment in your home that will pay dividends in value and enjoyment. Some contributing factors include:

  • Size of the pool and land — Survey your plot of land and compare how much land you would like to allocate to a pool. You may also like to take into consideration, space for seating, fencing and space to store your pool equipment. Don’t forget to use a marker to outline the boundaries in relation to your yard to ensure you have space for kids to run around, entertain family and friends, and dry your wet swimwear and towels on the clothesline. Our expert team can help you with all of this!
  • Depth — If you have young children, consider whether you’d prefer a more shallow or even a flat bottom pool so they can more easily stand on whichever end they find themselves. Or, whether you’d rather have a deep end and more room to frolic and explore underwater.
  • Type of activity — Do you prefer a plunge pool to soak in and relax? A pool with length to practice your breaststroke? Or a style that combines all of the above? Identifying your lifestyle preferences will help narrow down your search for the best fibreglass pool design that prevents you from choosing a pool too large or one too small where you feel constrained.

Summertime Pools offer a wide range of swimming pool designs that are competitively priced to accommodate a wide range of budgets. With financing available, it has never been easier to install your own private pool and enjoy it all Summer long! Additionally, they make a tremendous investment into your home, leading it to increase its value if you ever decide to relocate.

  • Size — Summertime Pools can help you decide on the perfect pool no matter the size of your home and land. From compact 4m plunge pools to soak in to oversized 10m styles perfect for stretching out, swimming and playing, we have a range of sizes to choose from. We even have a spa for luxurious comfort that will leave your stresses to bubble away.
  • Colour — We can give your home a swimming pool design in Melbourne, Victoria, that matches your unique exterior style. With 10 colours and textures to choose from, you can upgrade your outdoor space and create a classical aesthetic, resort vibe or go modern and daring.
  • Upgrades — At Summertime Pools, we don’t just install pools; we build them for the future. We offer everything you need to complete your pool, from heating and cleaning systems, pool covers, lighting, and equipment, including sanitisation systems, filters and pumps, as well as connect you with solar energy providers to make your pool as energy efficient as possible.

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“We are so excited to own a Summertime Pool !! Thanks for all of your help, including the great price received to enable us to get a pool, appreciated! Wouldn’t have known we were having a pool installed if we didn’t see it through our back door. Staff at Summertime should be commended, as there were no disruptions to our daily life during installation, thanks…

Brad & Christine – Bendigo, VIC



“We would like to thank you for the most efficient and organised way in which you have installed our pool from start to finish. We are delighted with the result and most impressed by the way the whole project has ‘just happened’ from our side of things with minimal fuss and maximum care. Congratulations to the whole team, really. You are great!! Thank you again.…

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“We found Summertime Pools provided a great value pool package. Their service was excellent and they were flexible and helpful when problems arose due to a difficult site. The pool is going perfectly and we would be happy to recommend Summertime Pools…




“From our initial inquiry, to options selection, installation and 9 months after, we cannot fault the Summertime pools team. The installation team were first class. Our sales consultant Andrew was and still is only a phone call away for any questions. We cannot speak highly enough of Summertime pools and have no hesitation in recommending them …

Gavin and Lisa



“Our experience working with Summertime Pools has been terrific. Pretty much everything has run smoothly from the first time we made contact. Our backyard wasn’t the easiest to manage because of the fall we have but from the first time Area Manager Andrew came out everything has rolled along nicely. The excavator, pool installation guys and …

Chris, Marita, Elly, Wil & Maisy



“We just can’t thank you enough for our beautiful Summertime Pool, we couldn’t be happier with the professional service and advice not only you but the guys installing the pool gave, we couldn’t believe how quickly the pool was installed, every thing went like clock work considering the difficult area they had to work in. This was a pool that we thought would be …

Kevin and Sue