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Luxury Pools

Experience luxury in the comfort of your own home with Summertime Pools

Luxury swimming pools can add value to a home by enhancing its aesthetic appeal, providing a space for entertainment and relaxation while increasing its overall market value. Summertime Pools can help you achieve this by delivering high-quality pool designs and luxury pool installations across regional Victoria and the Melbourne Metro area. With a focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional service, our team of luxury pool installers has the expertise to transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis.

Discover our luxury swimming pool designs

We provide a wide range of luxury pool designs. Each range has unique features, designs and styles that cater to different preferences.

Corbree Pool

Our Corbree range is a market-leading, award-winning pool design that is open, spacious and luxurious. It comes in 3 sizes — 7m, 8m and 10m — and features a large, open swimming area, wading area and a child-safe ledge around the entire perimeter. The central step, seating configuration, corner steps and high-quality fibreglass shell make this pool ideal for leisure and fitness.

Hudson Pool

Our Hudson range is perfect for smaller backyards, blending space and style in a compact design. It comes in a 4m rectangular design and features integrated seating and steps, a wading area and a child-safe ledge around the entire perimeter. The open space in the deep end and high-quality fibreglass shell make this pool a great option for families.


Our Hudson range is perfect for smaller backyards, blending space and style in a compact design. It comes in a 4m rectangular design and features integrated seating and steps, a wading area and a child-safe ledge around the entire perimeter. The open space in the deep end and high-quality fibreglass shell make this pool a great option for families.

Each of these luxury pool designs comes with essential features, making them easy to clean, maintain and enjoy for years. Whether you want to swim laps, relax with friends or soothe aches and pains, our fibreglass luxury pools are designed to complement your home and lifestyle.

Get a luxury inground pool in just the right size

Summertime Pools offers a range of small, medium and large pool sizes to suit different backyard sizes and styles. Our small pool sizes range from 4m to 6m and are designed to fit compact, alfresco-style backyards. We also have medium pool sizes ranging from 7m to 8m that suit the average, modern backyard. Our large pool sizes, ranging from 9m to 10m, are designed for spacious backyards. In addition to these pool sizes, Summertime Pools also offers the biggest size for spas, providing even more options for luxury and relaxation.

With these flexible sizing options, you can find the perfect fibreglass luxury pool to suit your space.

Choose from a spectrum of luxurious colours

We offer two ranges of luxurious colour options for your pool — Shimmer and Glisten. Although both consist of various shades of blue and white, the texture varies in appearance and feel, when the pool is dry or wet. From a vibrant bermuda blue to pale blue depicting deep and shallow seas to alpine white and island sands that remind you of a beach shoreline, we have shades to complement and add luxury to any home.

Swim in your choice of water

Summertime Pools offers three pool water systems:

Salt water systems — Cost-effective and simple, with a high salt concentration of 4500 PPM that generates 1-3 PPM of chlorine. Saltwater is gentler on the skin and reduces the chlorine smell.

Mineral water systems — Gentle and soft, with a lower salt concentration of 1500 PPM and magnesium for a soft feel, only requiring 1 PPM of chlorine. This type of water can increase skin elasticity.

Fresh water systems — Modern and innovative, using silver and copper anodes to disinfect the water with a low salt concentration of 600 PPM and minimal chlorine. This type of water is ideal for those with sensitive skin or health conditions.

Add upgrades to your luxury pool

We also offer pool accessories to upgrade your luxury pool. These include:

Auto Water Leveller — Take the worry out of ensuring your pool water level stays topped up after water loss due to evaporation and spend more time enjoying your pool by opting for an auto water leveller

Pool Covers — Pool covers are a must-have swimming pool accessory that pays dividends in the long run. When your pool is left exposed to the elements, pool water naturally evaporates and contamination occurs. Solar pool covers are the ideal way to keep away debris and protect the water’s cleanliness when not in use. We also offer hidden / underground cover / blanket box options.

Robotic Pool Cleaners — Depending on the size of your pool, fibreglass pool accessories like robotic pool vacuums are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent algae growth and keep the water crystal clear. Programmable robotic pool cleaners seamlessly clean the surface of your pool, navigating all corners and stairs with ease whilst sucking up insects, grass, leaves or dirt in the water.

In-Floor Cleaning — Another great cleaning system is In-floor cleaning. In-floor cleaning systems are built directly into the pool’s structure, which means the system needs to be installed at the construction stage. They work by circulating the water through the pool, collecting waste as they run. With these amazing features, you don’t need any other additional cleaners or put up with cumbersome hoses and cords. Some of the main benefits of having an in-floor cleaning system include:

– They are virtually invisible.

– They are completely automated.

– They handle high levels of debris.

– They are designed for maximum efficiency.

– They offer better heat and chemical circulation.

– They increase water circulation throughout the pool resulting in fewer algae growth.

Alongside your other pool accessories, pool cleaners bear the heavy lifting of pool maintenance, allowing you to enjoy tons of splashing fun with little to no manual labour.

Pool lighting — Adds ambience and style to your pool, creating a warm and inviting environment for your family and guests. Summertime Pools offers a range of lighting options, from LED lights to underwater lighting, to help you create the perfect ambience for your pool.

Heating — Extends your swimming season, allowing you to enjoy your pool even on cooler days. Summertime Pools offers a range of pool heating options, including solar heating, heat pumps and gas heating, to ensure your pool water is comfortable and inviting all year round.

These upgrades can be integrated by our luxury pool builders to create a truly luxurious and customised pool experience that meets your unique preferences.

Let Summertime Pools make your luxury pool dreams come true

Are you ready to live in a luxury resort in your own home? Adding a luxury pool to your home has never been easier with Summertime Pools! Our staff is on standby, ready to answer any questions and help turn your backyard vision into reality. From ideas to maintenance tips, we are here to be your dedicated partner every step of the way.

Create unforgettable memories of relaxing days dipping into a cool paradise from home — request a quote or contact Summertime Pools today!


We provide various luxury pool sizes — small, medium, large and spa-sized. View our pool size guide to determine which dimensions would be perfect for your backyard.

Depending on individual desires, luxury pool designs can vary. We provide designs with complementing spas, swim-outs for simple entrances and angular shapes that sparkle in the sunlight. To have your pool complement your décor, our team also offers a range of colours and textures to go with these designs.

In the end, no two backyard pool installations are the same. Our luxury pool builders can create and install your luxury pool to meet your demands and create a pool area you’ll adore.

Depending on the size, design and colour of the pool you pick, luxury inground fibreglass pools can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $90,000. The total cost of your luxury pool depends on the additions you choose, such as heaters, lighting and coverings.

Since we know that many want to use their pools immediately, we have teamed up with Handypay to provide you with the option of designing a payment schedule that suits your needs. Plans come with various repayment choices and a one to a seven-year term.