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Fibreglass vs Concrete

Here’s what you need to know:

Installing a pool is a lasting choice, so research well to get it right from the start. Your pool’s desired look will guide your decision.

First step is to visualise your dream pool. Create a Pinterest board or simply save images of your dream pool inspiration. Once you know what your dream pool should look like, you are ready to embark on your pool journey. Then comes the question – “Concrete vs Fibreglass?”

While concrete pools have traditionally been the go-to choice, the tide seems to be shifting towards fibreglass due to its various advantages. Let’s compare the two to help you make an informed decision.

Nothing to worry, most people are often stuck on this question before they approach their pool builders. You can show your dream pool to a pool expert and they will suggest you the best for your backyard aesthetic. People have varied preferences and needs, and the choice between fibreglass and concrete pools often reflects those considerations. Here’s a brief comparison:

Reasons why people consider Fibreglass:

  • Swift Installation: Have a pool in weeks! Imagine that!
  • Affordability: Fibreglass pools are about 20% cheaper to install and have lower ongoing costs thanks to minimal maintenance and energy requirements.
  • Warmer Water: The natural insulating properties of fibreglass keep the water warm for longer and whereas, concrete cools the water.
  • Cleaning & Sanitisation: Its smooth, non-porous gel-coating deters mould and algae. thus demanding less cleaning.
  • Sustainability: Reduced cleaning, fewer chemicals, and less energy mean a smaller carbon footprint and bills.
  • Long Life: Think concrete’s tough? Fibreglass can better withstand earth movements and unstable soil conditions.
  • Smooth surface: Known for their smooth, almost non-porous finish which is softer on feet and safer for kids play.

Reasons why people consider Concrete:

  • Custom tile flooring: People with a very particular pattern/colour taste might go with a concrete pool as it is highly customisable with tiles and layouts.
  • Flexible shape: You can build your pool in any shape you want. Concrete offers a higher level of customisation as it can be poured into any shape or size. This flexibility is especially useful for unique backyard layouts.
  • Old school style: Few people who envision their dream pool to be a bit old school tend to go with a concrete pool.

To conclude, choosing between fibreglass and concrete pools is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, backyard conditions, and maintenance willingness. Make sure you go with a trusted certified pool builder to get your dream pool. When investing in a pool, it’s essential to ensure financial clarity and peace of mind. Opting for a fixed price contract provides precisely that.

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