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How much do fibreglass pools cost?

It’s clear that fibreglass pools are a little different from your stock-standard concrete edition, but the difference in investment is where it gets really interesting. Considering all the benefits of fibreglass pools, it would be understandable to think that the cost associated with them would be less affordable – but it’s not necessarily quite that simple.

Pool costs are generally broken down into two categories; the first being set up costs, inclusive of the pool itself and installation, and the second being maintenance costs. These are recurring monthly fees that will need to be allocated for pool maintenance and cleaning and will generally go towards cleaning products, equipment and servicing where applicable. Fibreglass pools set up costs may be on par with (though often lower than) concrete or vinyl-lined pools, their maintenance costs are vastly cheaper, making them a more affordable option for most. Thanks to their glossy finish fewer chemicals are needed in order to clean them, and their virtually non-porous surface means there is nowhere for algae to grow. Consequently, their pool water needs less filtering as well – overall much simpler and cheaper to look after.

In terms of filtration, final costs will depend on the size of your pool, how much you use your pool and external environmental factors like weather, but you can expect to normally pay a rather affordable 50c/hr to run a pool filter pump and 7c/hr to run a chlorinator. Of course, the real cost with filtration is in the equipment itself; for a wall climbing pool cleaner, you may be looking at anywhere between $300 and $500. A 1.5Hp swimming pool pump will set you back roughly $500, and a self cleaning chlorinator between $600 and $800.

Not keen on the extra responsibility? Luckily, pool cleaning is a service you can book for anywhere around $70/month.

As mentioned, when it comes to setting up and installing a fibreglass pool they can often be even cheaper than their concrete counterpart. Costing roughly $10,000 for installation plus anywhere between $6,500 and $25,000 for the cost of the pool, fibreglass pools commonly come in as low as $25,000 (as opposed to concrete pools which generally start at $30,000).

Of course, there are a range of factors that will impact the final cost associated with your fibreglass pool, including not only the size and shape of your selected pool but also the backyard where it will be installed. The quality of the soil, accessibility to the space, the slope of the ground and how it will integrate with the rest of your backyard setting will all have some effect on the final cost. It’s important to ensure you are prepared to take on any ancillary costs as well; for example, pool permits can be quite expensive depending on your local council. This will vary depending on your location, so it’s recommended you check in with your local council beforehand to avoid any surprise fees. Waste disposal after the pool installation may also fall on you, so it’s important to be prepared for any costs involved in getting rid of things like extra soil, shipping materials or cut offs.

How about pool heating?

Again, this is not necessarily something you need to have for your pool, but many who look at installing pools will consider this as part of the package. Costs for heating vary greatly depending on your energy provider and the size of your pool, but for solar heating you may be looking at $200 per year which comes in as the cheapest option. Above that, electric heating can fall anywhere between $300 and $750 annually, and gas heating anywhere between $500 and $2,500 depending on the type of gas (natural or LPG).

Overall, there’s no simple answer to exactly how much a fibreglass pool will cost – as it will depend heavily on your unique desires and situation. The good news is that you can browse our Special Offers to see what the right package is for you, or even request a quote with us directly. We even have flexible payment plans available if you’re wanting to swim now and pay later.

Happy swimming!

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